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There is 2 kind of Agencies now :

Protection Agencies and Assassin Agencies

To create an Agency you just need to tell Gotenks and Vegito and they will put it on. But we suggest you to be strong other wise people might not choose you.


Protection Agencies

How does it work ?

When you are on the same planet or same place as your Protection Agency and someone sneak attack you, the agency is included in the sneak attack to.

They can protect you even in a match, if your losing or dying.


Agencies : Members : Cost : Protecting who :

A.P.A. Gotenks , Vegito 10,000 $ / week



Assassin Agencies

How does it work ?

This kind of Agency can only be hired to sneak attack or kill someone at your place. You don't get the money of the sneak, any PL, but if you decide to steal that people if the Agency succeed you get what they stole.

Agencies : Members : Cost :