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Last update : 21/03/2003 7:36 PM Eastern
RPG created : 12/11/2002


Welcome to our RPG!!

This is an anime/game/manga RPG ! That means you get to choose from any series you want !

If you have difficulty joining just contact us (Gotenks and Vegito) at !

Hope you enjoy !

Remember it's just a game, it should be fun ! And remember it's a game and stick to your character (meaning nothing is personal in here, it's just a game)


Link us



New items and new world to discover!

There will be a tournament on  th of  2003. The tournament will be held on.

Month sale on th of  2003. Only 1 day of shopping. 50% off on all items.
Only 1 email, the first one is the one we use.

Full moon on the 16th of February 2003.

New members : Conferences
Leaving members : Held by :  
Sagas : Lin Suzukee - Earth

Jin Suzukee - Earth

Subject :  
Dead :   When :  
Price Head : Vegeta is wanted
(for attacking a shop keeper, killing him and stealing in his shop)
Reward : 800.000 $

Gogeta is wanted
(for killing a shop keeper and stealing in his shop)
Reward : 600.000 $

What time :  
Wishing Stuff : Location :  
Sneak attacks : To assist :
Actions :   Required : AIM not AOL, it will be in a AIM Chat
Trainings :
Travels :

Alignment Items :
Missions : 10 Heaven Sword
Search for items : Wooden Staff
Teams : Avengers , The Empire , 10 Undead Ax of Sin
New moves :
New items in 
the shop :
Gate controller : Given by a special action or someone who will do something extra ordinary.
Made up Gundams : Hell Angel , Jagarus , Cerberus
New shops :
New made up items :
Tenkachi Budokai extra reward : 0,000 $
Results of 
Tenkachi Budokai :
Congratulation to ?.    

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