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The Avengers


Team positions
Gundams and mobile suits





Team positions

Leader : Gotenks
Second in command : Vegito
Forger : Vegito , GotenksMajin Buu ,
Scientists : Gotenks, Vegito ,  Majin Buu ,
Guardians :  
Healer / Repairmen :
Messengers : Vegito ,  Majin Buu ,
Assassins : Majin Buu ,


Type : Specialties :
Imperial Space Station Shop
Imperial Space Station Engine Gym
Location : 10x SCV
5th solar system 4x Hyper SCV
Gravitron machine ( 0 to 50x )
Holographic room 8 Unlimited space
Blacksmith Quarters You can now create Weapons and Armors.
Science Lab You can now create Items.
Imperial Sick Bay 4 Rejuvenation Tank. (Can grow back parts of your body as well as heal your HP) Heal you in a few seconds.
Training Quarters 4 Can train to learn 3 moves each week, 5x the gains of a battle or training, can hold unlimited people.
Super Items Factory Creates 10 items a week.
Temple of Damned Can learn Spells.
Altar Can learn Powers.



5x Tree of Might Fruit (Give 5 fruits 14/02/03)

140x Tree of Might Fruit

Bank account : 30.305.000 $


Gundams and mobile suits

Kind Stuff Inside

Type Weapons / Stuff