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How does the Bank work
How does the Loans works
Bank Accounts




This is the only type of bank in the Universe. There is one located on every planet, but all character's accounts will be kept the same.

The Bank are a good way to invest your money. You gain interests each week if you put your money in Banks.

Minimum starting money in the bank is 500.000 $.

Each month the money that you have invested in the Banks will increase in profit 10%.

For Example: If Goku has $1.000.000, and invests it into the Bank. At the
end of the week, he will be given $100.000, so he will have a total of $1.100.000.






You are only allowed up to a $1.000 Loan/Week.
If this Loan is not paid back by the end of the week you will have 50% interest added onto your loan.
If your loan is not paid in 3 weeks, the Dirty Bank thugs will come and take two of your items.
(At this point your loan is paid off)





Bank Accounts


Name Money ($) Date Loans ($) Date
Gotenks 1.909.985 18/02/03 0 0/0/0
Vegito 1.909.985 18/02/03 0 0/0/0
0 0/0/0 0 0/0/0