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How to Play

Here you will find answer to pretty much all answers to your questions. If you don't find it here then email us and we will be glad to help you.


Some stuff you might want to know
How to talk to other members
Jobs available
Where to Battle
Earn cash


Some stuff you might want to know

  1. You can create a gym to train members, it cost 40,000 $ that you must pay me before a month as pass. Each time you train someone you get a certain amount, see the gyms page for info.

  3. Each time a ref is reffing a match, he must send what type of the match it was, the Experience gain by each fighters, how much money they got and as a reward he will get the money based on what he did, if he does all this.

  5. When you create a team you get 200,000 $ for your team and one of the following stuff :   Blacksmith Quarters,  6x Guard Towers,  Science lab,  Shop,  Team Fortress,  Training Quarters,  Star port,  Temple of Damned,  Altar,  SCV.

  7. When you have 0 HP the only things you can do are learn and build.

  9. You can learn moves on you own fallowing this :
    Level 1 move 2 days to learn
    Level 5 move 5 days to learn
    Level 10 move 10 days to learn
    Level 20 move 20 days to learn
    Level 30 move 30 days to learn
    Level 50 move 50 days to learn
    Level 60 move 60 days to learn
    Level 80 move 80 days to learn
    Level 100 move 100 days to learn


  11. You can do 2 things at the same time fallowing this
Quest (not killing spray) & Build
Quest (not killing spray) & Learn
Quest (not killing spray) & Train
Train & Build
Learn & Build
Learn & Learn
Learn & Train
Travel & Learn
Travel & Train

How to talk to other members

Just to this page Useful stuffs this page contains all Characters by alphabetic order, with all Screen Names of each and Emails.

Ref Ref matches between members or write sneak stories.

Get money for his work.

Quest Replier Reply to quests and role-plays.

Get money for his work.

Digi Replier Reply to Digi-Quests and Digi-Searches.

Get money for his work.

Planet Guardian Protect a planet and takes care of it.

Get Special Powers.

Where to Battle

There is 2 places to battle for a real time battle.

  1. AIM Chat - This is the most used way to battle
  2. MSN Chat - Also a very used way to battle


Basics moves can be use at any time : Punch, Kick, Slam, Little energy balls and Fade

HP  : Would be the energy.
BP  :  Would be the aprox. damage of one charge for a blast.
PW :  Would be the aprox damage of a physical attack.
MP :  Would be the aprox. damage of one magic attack.

There is 3 kinds of matches.

Story match

Old fashion way

Speed Battle

Important stuff for any kind of match

Story match

Each opponents write a story an email the same ref. The ref will read each story and choose the best according to him. The story he will choose will be the one used. Then the ref as just to email Gotenks and Vegito with the story and every gain by each fighters.

Old fashion way

You need a ref and the 2 opponents must be on the same planet.

EX :

Zoicite = Fighter - Bad guy

Ash Skylark = Ref

Sailor Moon = Fighter - Good Guy

Location of the battle = Earth

Ash Skylark: Ok choose a battle field on Earth.

Zoicite: Frozen Lake

Sailor Moon: yea cool

Ash Skylark: Ok I will Flip a Coin, Heads or tails?

Sailor Moon: Heads!!

Zoicite: Heads!

Zoicite: Darn.

Ash Skylark: It's Tails, Zoicite go First.

Zoicite: ok... =Charges Negaverse Drain=

Ash Skylark: -0 (This is the damage) Go Sailor Moon Sailor Moon: ok then =Charges Moon Tiaira Magik=

Ash Skylark: -0 Go Zoicite

Zoicite: =Finishes Charging Negaverse Drain=

Ash Skylark: -0 Go Moon

Sailor Moon: YIKES! =fades, Finishes Charging Moon Tiaira Magic=

Ash Skylark: -0 Go Zoicite

Zoicite: NEGAVERSE DRAIN!! =Negaverse Drain=

Ash Skylark: Missed Go moon

Sailor Moon: I am Sailor Moon Champion Of Justice! =Fades Behind Zoicite= I will Conquer Over evil and Right Wrongs and Punish you! Moon Tiaira Magic!!! =Moon Tiaira Magic=

Ash Skylark: =Jumps From Between Them= Youch! Zoicite Is Destroyed into the 2nd Dimension! Sailor Moon Wins! oh yeah Sailor moon, Watch were you are aiming that next time.

Sailor Moon: oh! hehe Sorry.


See how easy it is? Now a real Fight will be Longer and Harder.

Speed Battle
Speed Battle: Done in Online Fighting Room

Overview:  A ref will count down and the 2 fighters will go as fast as they can and as accurate as they can. In order to get a hit in a battle like this you must say hit after a attack... Example: Kick (enter) hit... Ki attacks such as kame hame ha you must say Power up before it to charge your attack, the more you power up the stronger the attack. The ref will tell the fighters when one person dies or faints. You can block attack by saying block before the other person says hit, or you can counter a attack where you would add another attack of your own in there...Example: Counter (enter) Kick (enter) hit... if you were able to do this before the other fighter got a block in there you would get the hit.  If one fighter says disappear or dematerialize the other fighter can not hit him until he says reappear.

Basics: Fastest and most accurate person will win the battle, make sure you say hit before physical attacks and power up and hit with ki attacks.

Tip: Be able to type with eyes on screen otherwise you have a major disadvantage.

Example of a speed fight:
 Ref.: 5
 Ref.: Go
 Kooler: Powers
 Cell: Powers up
 Kooler: Kick
 Cell: block
 Kooler: punch
 Kooler: hit
 Cell: fly's up
 Cell: Powers up
 Kooler: Barrier
 Cell: Dragon Fist
 Cell: Destroys barrier
 Cell: Hit
 Kooler: Fly's up
 Kooler: Kick
 Kooler: hit
 Cell: Disappear
 Kooler: Reappear
 Cell: Looks around
 Kooler: Reappears kick
 Kooler: hit
 Cell: throws Kooler to ground
 Cell: hit
 Kooler: gets up
 Cell: snaps Kooler's neck
 Cell: hit
 Kooler: kick
 Cell: knee to gut
 Cell: Hit
 Kooler: Hit
 Cell: Punch in temple:
 Cell: hit
 Cell: Powers up
 Kooler: kicks in nuts:
 Cell: masenko down the throat
 Kooler: cell drops kooler
 Cell: hit
 Ref.: Kooler is KO
 Ref.: Cell wins


Also you can try to counter attack, block or turn the beam else where by firing an attack if your charged an ready to fire.

If your heart is pure ( your stat is Angelic or Friendly ) you can bounce back a Spirit Bomb, but if you just make a mistake then your hit.

If your heart is pure evil ( your stat is Diablo ) you can bounce back a S.S. Deadly Bomb, but if you just make a mistake then your hit.

If your not too much injured and your Stats is high, you can fend off BALLS or BEAMS, that are not powerful for your Stats, with your arms or sent it back at your opponent.

Each time you use some kind of Shield it decrease your stat.

Ex: Lets say the Stats of a battle are :

You Opponent
HP  60 / 60 HP  60 / 60
BP  60 / 60 BP  60 / 60
PW  60 / 60 PW  60 / 60
MP  100 / 100 MP  60 / 60

In this example we skip the charging parts.

You use a Magic Shield against a Blast Attack of your opponent, using a Magic Shield will use 60 of your MP because your opponent BP is 60 so you would have 40 MP left.

Your turn come and you use a Magic Attack, the MAX damage you could inflict will be 40 now since your MP would have decrease.

Your opponent turn come and he used a Blast Attack once again and you use a Magic Shield again, you would only block 40 out of  60 so you get a damage of 20 and now you can't use anymore Magic Attacks.

After the Battle, you need to rest a week or get in a Rejuvenation Chamber to get all of your MP back.

It is the same thing if you use Healing moves, but it depend if it's a MP move or a BP move.



All Quests must be written on the Quest Board.

There is 9 kind of quests.

HP Get only HP on your quest Small increase like 1 or 6
BP Get only BP on your quest Small increase like 1 or 2
PW Get only PW on your quest Small increase like 1 or 2
MP Get only MP on your quest Small increase like 1 or 2
Experiences Get only experiences on your quest Depends on how much people
(the more people you fight the more chances you get of getting killed)
Money Get only money on your quest Small increase like 1,000 to 10,000 $
Wishing stuff Try to find a wishing item on a planet You might find the wishing item desired
Small item Get a little item on your quest Get one item but the quest last an entire week
Big item Get a big item on your quest Get one item but the quest last 2 entire weeks
Everything depends on your Level

You make a little story and we will give you some examples :


I was fooling around when I saw 2 guys attacking a women. With out thinking at my security I jump on the 2 guys ...

Quest Replier complete

I was walking when I saw ...

Quest Replier complete


A Quest Replier must reply to you and tell you what you found, how much experiences you got or anything else. Then he email Gotenks and Vegito and tell them what you get so this way no one will be confuse.

Remember your not IMMORTAL and you can't attack BANKS.

Earn cash
Type Winner Loser
Spar 20,000 $ 10,000 $
Team Spar 30,000 $ 20,000 $
Fight 40,000 $ 30,000 $
Team Fight 60,000 $ 40,000 $
Sneak attack 30,000 $ 10,000 $

 For those it's if you emailed us after refing the match

Refs Money
Spar and Fight 40,000 $
Team Spar or Fight 80,000 $
Sneak story 100,000 $

For those it's if you emailed us after replying

Quest Replier Digi Replier Money
Digi Quest
30,000 $

Tenkachi Budokai will be held once a month or so

Position Money Extras
Winner 1.000.000 3 items in shop, no Capsulcorp stuff.
2nd Place 800.000 2 items in shop, no Capsulcorp stuff.
3rd Place 300.000 1 item in shop, no Capsulcorp stuff.
4th Place 100.000
5th Place 80.000
6th Place 60.000
7th Place 50.000
9th, 10th, etc. 40.000

You can sell the items that you created but you need a shop for that


The Rage is your anger the more angry you become the faster you can learn transformations.

To build up your Rage you must win matches, have allies who die, if your good, see villages or cities destroyed by a bad guy, etc.

Rage scale
Lose a match 1 %
Win a match 2 %
Death of innocent people 5 %
Lose limbs in a match 5 %
Lose a death match 8 %
Win a death match 10 %
Ally who die 10 %
Enemy who die 10 %
Destruction of a village 10 %
Destruction of a city    (must be Good only in Sagas and rarely in Quests) 50 %
Raging anger (Special) Unknown


The moves Hidden Stats and Advanced Hidden Stats allows you to hidden completely or partially anything, from Stats to Anger.

During a match most of Refs won't have the password to the hidden pages.
So what's going to happen is that :

If an opponent as his Stats Hidden, he can bluff and say his Stats are stronger, but he must tell the truth to the Ref in private, so that the Ref knows how much you have in all your Stats.

After the match the Ref will email us telling who wins and who doesn't, he must also report to us what you told him about your Stats, if it is incorrect, you will die immediately and be sent to the Torture Chamber.