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Joining up

Ok folks! This is where you sign up at.

If you want to be a DB, Z or GT character check this first
Db, Z and GT available characters

1) Pick a character. It has to be from an anime/video game/manga/etc.
    If not ask us if you can have it.

2) Tell us from what anime/video game/manga/etc. this character is from.

3) Pick your aura color.

4) Next tell us 4 moves you would like to start with. Mutants can get 1 extra move from the Mutant Powers section, but remember you are a starter and not some freak of nature invincible.

Make sure they are not to powerful
( No Teleportation moves, Power Up moves or Strong moves ).

(don't make them up, if you don't know any pick some from the Db Z and GT move page) and

Give us the description of it please !





Mutants only :


5) Choose 2 items from the list below.

1. 2.

6) Ok now pick what you are.

7) Choose a motto.

8) We need your AIM screen name or MSN screen name.

To get AIM go here :

To get MSN go here :

It's important that you get AIM or MSN because most battles are done in AIM or MSN chats.

9) We need your email address, one that we can use to contact you anytime.

10) Choose a planet to start on in the first solar system.

11) Send it to us !