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Special Abilities

This is where the special abilities created by characters are listed. The time to make an ability varies with that of what the ability does. It can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 months. You can make an abilities to help you train or help you in battle.(NO power up abilities or transformations). Once an ability is made it is sealed by the Gods to that character. That means that if a character has made an ability another character cannot make one the same, one better, or wish for that ability. The only way for another character to learn the ability is to have it taught to them by the creator.


Ability Name Ability Description Ability Creator Time to learn
Sensing This is a move that is easily picked up. Basically you can feel peoples all around you. Races like Saiyan's use scouters instead of this but this way is much more reliable. In the long run though a scouter is better, but only since it can be fine tuned to certain objects. You can sense wishing stuff also and it is easier to find them.
 2 days
Sensing 2 Same as Sensing, but on a solar system range.


 6 days

Sensing 3 Same as Sensing 2, but on universe range.


 10 days

Sensing 4 Same as Sensing 3, but nothing can be hidden from you.


 15 days

Blue Dragon Summoning This ability allows you when near death to summon a Blue Dragon.

Dragon City on Kanassa

8 days

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