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Planet trade

© 2002-2003 Gotenks RPG

How it works?

It's only for teams or really powerful warrior.

You can conquer a planet and sale it for how much it is worth.

You must be at least a week space travel to search for a planet in another solar system.

In order to conquer a planet your Stats must be greater than the people on the Planet.

You can only sale a conquered planet to the shop or a team.

A Quest Replier must write a story on how you conquered the planet and defeated the Guardians of the Planet.

You get credits when you sale a planet the amount of credits you get depends on how hard the planet is to conquer.

Any Question on how this works feel free to email us.

You also get 800 experiences.

You must be on the Planet to conquer it.


How to

You must write in the quest board "Searching for a planet".
Then a Quest Replier will reply telling you if you found one and what it as on like : 8 saber that give 3 wishes and 100 peoples with a Level of over 20.
Then you reply telling if you attack or not.
Then a Quest Replier will reply telling if you conquered it, die or if you survived and escaped.
Then the Quest Replier must do like in any reply Email Gotenks and Vegito with all infos we could need.


Planets Worth Owner (s)