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Price Head

Some times on a quest people do bad actions those actions will now have bad consequences.

If someone :

If you do anything like this, your name will appear on the Price Head.

If someone or a group catches you or kills you and bring you or your body back using a transportation device or move to jail, that person or group will receive a reward depending on the crime of your act.

If your brought back dead the reward is ½ what it was.

Jailed people or turned in body will be unable to do anything for 7 days, they will receive nothing and will have to pay a fee of 500,000 $, if they can't pay they will need to work for 10 days to pay the fee.

It takes 3 days with a normal ship or a Ground, Air transportation device, to get to a jail, it might be faster using a move.

Some items or moves might be more useful to capture people.

Moves :

Any entrapment moves or shrinking moves, are good.

Items :

Any bottles to put shrinked people, handcuffs, ropes or special restring full items, are good.

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