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  1. No cheating.

  2. No impersonation.

  3. No harassment.

  4. No discrimination.
  6. No sexual content.
  8. Please always put your character name in your emails or your posts it's easier for everyone, if you don't put it we don't read it and erase it.
  10. Only 1 character per member.
  12. You can train for more then 1 week, but you will die. The number of days you train is the number of days you have to rest without doing anything, only the Training Rooms and Gyms doesn't need any rest. You can also use a Rejuvenation Tank to heal you faster.
  14. You can learn 2 moves a month free then you need to go to a gym to learn other moves or learn them on your own. Month moves must be emailed as soon as the month starts.
  16. After a week in the other dimension you can be resurrected, you will be alive and you will start on the planet you were on, unless you wish to remain dead to finish some quest or do something there.
  18. As soon as you get 50 Level you can't train in a gym any more only to learn moves, unless it is a Master Gym.