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Sneak Attacks

Here will be posted the result of sneak attacks

A Sneak attack requires a Saiyajin Scouter.

You can only do 2 Sneak Attacks per month.



New Majin Buu vs. Venom 29/11/02
New Majin Buu vs. Cell 28/11/02



Majin Buu vs. Venom 29/11/02

After a first victim Majin Buu was ready for some more action and decided to travel to some island where he could read a PL. He found some black liquid thing. When he approached it, it turned in something more human then what it was before.

- What are you?

- We are Venom.

Majin Buu didn't ask for more questions, if it's alive it can be killed, that's all he needed to know. He powered up a Kamehameha and fired it straight at the beast. Venom was knocked down. He got up and fire some webbing to Majin Buu binding him from any movements, but Majin Buu liquefied himself and got out of the webs.

- Now my turn!

Majin Buu faded and appeared behind Venom and tried to absorb him, but Venom liquefied himself as well and was too fast for Majin Buu to get him.

- If I can't have you at least I can defeat you!

- Show me!

Majin Buu powered up a Kamehameha, but instead of firing it he faded and got behind Venom and shooted it sending Venom to the ground and unconscious.


Winner Majin Buu
    2.000 Exp + 0
    30,000 $

Loser Venom
    1.000 Exp
    10,000 $


Majin Buu vs. Cell 28/11/02

Majin Buu was looking for his first victim, being new and all. He got to a desert were it didn't seem there was anyone, but his scouter indicated that yes there was someone around here. He looked and looked, but he couldn't see anything. He yelled : "His there anyone around here" and he heard : "Down here!". Then he saw something moving down below. He flew down and got to it.

- Your new around here pal?

- Yea, I'm Majin Buu and you are?

- I'm Cell. So what brings you here?

- You! Your going to be my first victim!

- What?

Majin Buu attacked Cell without warning and with a Kamehameha sent Cell to the ground.

- Your going to pay!

- Really?

Cell used Renzokou Kikou Ha and managed to hit Majin Buu. When the smoke cleared, Majin Buu was badly hurt, but soon got better using regeneration.

- Now my turn!

Majin Buu faded behind Cell and slammed him down to the ground, then used Kyuushyuu and absorbed Cell.

- More power!


Winner Majin Buu
    2.000 Exp + 0
    30,000 $

Loser Cell
    600 Exp
    10,000 $
    Trip to ND