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Ultimate Quests


"What the heck is it" you ask? -

Basically, it is a COMBINATION OF ALL POSSIBLE QUESTS, lasting for a whole week.

"How long does it take, and how much will it be update?" -

Like the old power quest where the participant's quest was updated daily, this will go on for one week, and you CAN go with a group, your team, or by yourself.

"What do you get for going on the quest?" -

First, you get gifts for completing the quest I have determined the gifts depending on the difficulty that you choose for the quest and by which quest theme you choose in the first place.

"What is the 'theme' and how does the difficulty of the quest affect it?" -

You will choose the difficulty when you first decide to start an Ultimate Quest:
Beginner, Rookie, Intermediate, Advanced, or Xtreme.
Then you will choose the theme of your quest, i will have a bunch up below:
FYI: the themes are the basis for their current quest. Whatever theme you choose, you will fight and face basically whatever creature or people that are associated with your Quest's theme:

For example, if Goku chose to go on an Advanced Savage Land Quest, he would go on an Advanced quest, to a place called the Savage Land, duh. He'd enter the Savage Land, a primitive land of dinosaurs, mutants, and more, and would constantly fight whatever attacks him during his trip because he chose Advanced, but even that isn't the hardest setting ...

"So what DO I DO in the first place?" -

Basically, you are supposed to make it from the Beginning (Starting Point) of the quest, and make it to the End(Finish line), with tons of obstacles in the way, mostly baddies, or goodies... haha. The amount of obstacles depends on your difficulty for the quest, got it?

"Ok, ok... Now how LONG does this last, and what the heck do i receive?!" -

When you go on the quest, you have one week to make it to the finish line, of course you can't control how fast or slow you get there, as long as you have "trained" and have "experience" in quests. Once the week is up, you must have finish the quest. If you finish it in time, they get a certain gift according to the difficulty :

Beginner - You get Experiences + Money increase + Stats increase, a Sensu Bean, another item from the store, and one move from the moves page

Rookie - You get MORE Experiences + Money increase + Stats increase, a 3 Sensu Bean, 2 items from the store, and 2 moves from the moves page

Intermediate - You get a LARGER Experiences increase + Money increase + Stats increase, 6 Sensu Beans, 3 items from the store, and 3 moves from the moves page

Advanced - You get a HUGE Experiences increase + Money increase + Stats increase, a Fruit of might, 3 items from store, and 3 moves that you CAN learn from the moves page

Xtreme - You get the Extreme Experiences increase + Money increase + Stats increase, a choice of 3 Fruits of might OR a Portable Rejuvenation Tank, 5 items from the store, and 4 moves from the moves page

"What happens if i DON'T Finish the quest?" -

IF you DON'T FINISH the quest, you will get no gifts. You will DIE and the only way you will FAIL is because sometimes, you will be tempted to choose a difficulty ABOVE your standard, meaning you ARE TOO weak for YOUR difficulty and the creatures will knock you out. With the creatures being stronger, they will knock you out, and getting KO'd too much wil cause you to NOT finish your quest, cause it stops you from finishing the quest. So Choose WISELY, and don't be tempted by the gifts, they can get you hurt.

"Ok, now i am scared, what exactly ARE THE RISKS?" -

Well, if you are at Level 10, and you think you are all that an choose Advanced, you @ss is wax, trust me. I am not saying you can do Rookie or Intermediate either, so you just pick wisely. But, the most that can happen, is that, you can die; CAUSE ANYTHING GOES. If you choose a difficulty right for you, you will be fine. Also, if you are in the Advanced range, and you are not ready to try Advanced out, just in case it is too hard, then you can keep questing at Beginner, Rookie, or Intermediate, but that is up to you.

"Oh, so what are the 'Ranges' in power for the difficulty settings?" -

Actually, I am sorry to say, I can't tell you. That would basically defeat the purpose of challenging yourself, to see if you actually trained and quested hard enough before.

So train before you enter the UQ World, NO not train ONCE or quest once, but... how ever much you think is right, i can't say, or else you'll be prepared, we don't won't that right? Hahaha!!!

"Why are there SO MANY RISKS, I am SO scared I might wet myself!!!" -

Hahaha, the risks are there so that these Quest aren't just NORMAL... I created these Quests, and they are unique and will stay unique, UNLESS "SOMEPEOPLE" DECIDE TO STEAL MY IDEAS!!! Of course, the risks are there to serve as twists to your fate in the Ultiamte Quest, whether ultimate power or simply you getting pulverized or even killed.

Basically, the risks are there to SCREW YOU UP! These Quests are SUPPOSED TO be a CHALLENGE, unless you are already pretty damn powerful, got it?!

Any other question email us Gotenks and Vegito .

Thank you !

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